Aluminum Pressure Flaker


ERC Wood Handle

Aluminum tip sharpened to a point.

A simple tool for putting a finer edge on arrowheads and other stone tools, as well as touching them up.

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Category: Flint Knapping


I have a lot of aluminum around here, and I figured why not make some pressure flakers with it.

The metal is soft, used for heavy duty fence wire, jet thick enough to form a strong nail for pressure flaking. I originally got the wire years ago for making ring mail and chain mail, but it’s be unused for a long time. Once I started knapping, these became my go-to tool.

The wood is wild-harvested Eastern Red Cedar from my wood lot, cut with hand tools and then drilled and attached to the aluminum pins that I made from the wire spool. Each piece has a unique thickness and appearance, though all contain a little depression near the tip to act as a thumb grip when you want one. I sharpened them one by one, by hand, on a grinding wheel. The wood is thoroughly seasoned and some may contain tiny bug holes as a result, but it’s still gorgeous after years outside, a testament to the durability of the species.

Price is for one pressure flaker, picked at random from the group. Ignore the punch on the right-hand side, I made it the same day that I made these with a leftover chunk from the branch. If you are interested in a solid wood punch like it, though, let me know and I will start making them.

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 6.5 × 1 × 1 in


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