The Meaning of Off-Grid

Because everybody these days has a different opinion, and those with the strongest are typically people who don’t live here.

Cold Snap

Winter is coming, and that means that life around the off-grid homestead is about to get pretty darn interesting.

Fire Starters In Production

Been a bit of a long day, but my fire steels came in, and I’ve started on my fatwood survival lighter project.

Broke Down

A failing vehicle is one thing, but there is so much more going on here. In short, it was a stressful afternoon.

Fatwood Harvest!!!

I did it. I made it out to the woods today to look for fatwood and make a video about it. I found a treasure.

Why are the City Trees Sick?

Went for a little drive on Thanksgiving to mom’s house. I couldn’t help notice that the trees in here back yard didn’t look right anymore.