Bushcraft Bullshit

I can keep silent no longer. Since I launched my little store here and put the new knives up for sale (they are found under “store” in the menu, but read the article first), I’ve been watching a ton of survivalist videos on YouTube. I do this for research, but not the kind that most people think of. I’m not looking to rehash or recapture other people’s ideas and pawn them off as my own. I’m not looking to advertise a bunch of expensive products. I’m looking for holes that need filling, and I find them with nearly every click of the mouse.

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Empty Shelves: an Off-Grid Perspective

The way I live, preparedness is a normal part of life, but I’m not stockpiling medical crates or hording food. But that’s not the topic of this discussion, let’s talk a bit about grocery stores and coronavirus.

Firewood Planning

I have two racks of wood left from this year’s wood pile. Couldn’t have planned that better than it turned out. Just enough to get me through a frosty spring.

Spring Chores

There’s always something to do around here, but spring is filled with tons of off-grid and homesteading work to keep me busy.

If This Wood Could Talk

To most people, wood is a rectangular shaped, fairly ubiquitous product that is purchased from the lumber store.

Mischief, Mayhem, Soap

Sorry that I haven’t posted an update in a while. Been pretty busy as always. Let me tell you about a few of these projects.