Welcome to the Homestead!

Homestead Shot
A snapshot of the homestead

Thanks so much for dropping by. I’m Marty McConnell and this is my website.

I built a little cabin in the woods in 2017 and have been living in it ever since, even though it’s still technically “under construction.” Why wait? It’s a pain to rearrange the whole place for every upgrade, but it’s my own little secluded spot where I can find peace.

My end goal is to live totally by my own means out here, but unfortunately I do live in a world of taxes, car payments, and other modern amenities, and as such, I need to make money, so that will be incorporated to some degree. Self-sufficiency has included funding of some type or another for thousands of years, so this is hardly an anomalous situation.

Mostly though, I want to work on my little projects, increase my knowledge of self-reliance and bushcraft, and get as close as possible to living completely off my own means out here. I have several projects underway, from beekeeping to brick-making to rocketry to flintknapping and more.

You can stay up to day on the current happenings by checking out (and subscribing to) my YouTube channel or my Instagram.